Tuesday, November 22, 2011

YUL Records 30th Anniversary Releases! Rational Youth, Monty Cantsin & Cham-pang!

We have started to celebrate the holiday season and YUL Records' 30th Anniversary with the following releases. The official release date is January 10, 2012... for those who want it sooner, or are just plain impatient...(and we're saying this very quietly) but maybe you can get from our web-site store mail-order direct in time for Xmas..and while you're in the holiday spirit, please do not forget to sign up and get your free MP3 download of Rational Youth's "Merry Christmas Mary Ann".

RATIONAL YOUTH - Coboloid Race / I Want To See The Light  30th Anniversary Edition
Featuring newly discovered alternate mixes from the original 1981 session!

MONTY CANTSIN - Blood And Gold
A mini retrospective of Istvan Kantor's 80s material, never before available in digital form. OK, so maybe his original Neoist Songs 12" EP came out in early 1982. 29 years, 30 years...who's counting when it's been this long before all this great stuff has been hidden in a vault?

CHAM-PANG - Tantum Ergo 

YUL Records' first release from 1981. Remastered from the original analogue tapes. And as an added surprise, 2 live tracks from the now legendary Electro-Beat Cabaret shows.

Also, please do not forget to sign up and download Rational Youth's holiday freebie "Merry Christmas Mary Ann".

coming soon:  DEREK FALLS - NO MORE LIES...TRUTH DIVISION...slated for release early 2012

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